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By creating a free BuildDirect Sellers account, you can list an unlimited number of products and grow your business using a suite of powerful tools. We take care of shipment and customer service.

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After launching your products, they will be available for purchase on We make it easy for you by taking care of all customer service interactions. Once you receive an order, we’ll arrange pick-up, shipping and delivery.

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Optimize your conversion funnel

Success in e-commerce comes from optimizing your conversion funnel.  We give you access to tools that provide you with all the information you’ll need to understand consumer interest in your products.

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Listing your products on BuildDirect is free! You'll create your products through our self-service Seller Portal. Pricing, content and technical specs are completely in your control.

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8.2M pounds

of product shipped per month

is the distance products travel each month

5.9M miles

visit BuildDirect every month

2.5M shoppers

17 years

spent  building the supply chain from the ground upproducts

What tools will I have access to?

Why should I sell on BuildDirect?




Easily discount the shipping cost of your products to increase potential buyers.

Subsidize up to 100% of the shipping cost to be able to give your customers FREE shipping.

Selecting the best price for a product has never been easier. The price tool shows you how your product price compares with competitive products on BuildDirect and other marketplaces. Your team will save hours by using our price tool. 

BuildDirect's big data solutions show you where your customers are, and help you make informed decisions on where your product should be.



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It's free to list your products on BuildDirect. If an order is placed, BuildDirect will retain a commission fee which varies by product category.

Do I have to pay to list products on BuildDirect?

Who will deliver my products?

Shipment and customer service are all handled by BuildDirect. Once an order is placed, you will simply need to get your order ready for pick-up. Our team will arrange for pick-up, shipment and scheduling.

To sell on BuildDirect:

1. Create your new account by clicking the button below

2. List your products in the seller portal by product category

3. After launch, use powerful seller tools to increase sales

How do I start selling?

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Reach 2.5 million shoppers per month

Shipments and customer service managed by BuildDirect

Receive industry leading analytics to improve forecasting & product sales

List your products for FREE, commission collected for converted orders

Alternatively, you can call 1-877-631-2845 or email for more information.

As a BuildDirect Seller, you'll receive an unparalleled level of data to help you learn and adapt quickly. Our tools help you identify demand for your product throughout North America, optimize your product sales, and focus on high growth products for maximum impact.

How do I get started?

Homeowners and professionals have trusted BuildDirect as a source of home improvement products for over 17 years. By listing your products on BuildDirect, you’ll gain access to millions of shoppers.

Leverage an established sales channel

Our seller tools use big data and machine learning to show you where there is demand for your products. This information will allow you to identify new inventory locations, optimize product prices based on competitive data, increase product page views, and select shipping programs to lower shipping costs for your customers.

Drive growth with big data analytics

All orders are fulfilled via our end-to-end heavy weight shipping network, BuildDirect Gateway. Our efficient shipping routes result in less damage to the delivered product, fewer claims and happier customers.

Access to a heavyweight supply chain

"These tools really changed how we predicted what types of products we were going to sell."

Jesse Joyce - Vice President of Middle Tennessee Lumber

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